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Popstar Katie Melua preforms 303 meters under sealevel, in the bottom of the offshore gasplatform Troll A on the Norwegian Contintal Shelf. This is officially the consert preformt deepest in the world, and recognized by a representative for Guinnes book of records.<br />
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No more than 44 people are at any time allowed in the bottom of the shaft, which is based directly on the seabed, for security reasons in case of evacuation. <br />
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The concert was helt in occation of the rig having been in operation for 10 years. The platform Troll A is the worlds tallest structure having been moved by man, and is 472 meters tall, where of 369 meters are below sealevel. The consert was helt at 303 meters below sealevel. ..The pipes going up in the background are gaspipes, delivering ut towards 125 million qubic meters of gas pr day.